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Angela Hidalgo - Boise Massage Therapist Massage Therapist: Angela Hidalgo, Lmt.
Therapeutic Massage Practitioner since 1995 - Current
Graduate of Idaho Institute for Wholistic Studies
Philosophy: Holistic approach to Mind, Body & Spirit.

Although an individual's pain may seem similar to others, the cause of the pain and the approach to the healing process can be significantly different. I choose to compassionately address each individual as unique, whether the pain is from physical injuries or emotional and/or physical stresses that have built up over time. It is common for the physical discomfort that the body manifests to be a bi-product of emotional stress or visa versa.

I am a believer that human beings have the power within to be their own healers and that I am only the facilitator who guides and assists the healing process. Although I enjoy the opportunity to participate in all types of therapeutic bodywork, chronic pain issues are what I find most intriguing. I enjoy the challenge of responding in creative ways when the standard forms of massage for specific ailments are not getting positive results.

Massage is an excellent form of healing under most circumstances. However, I find that all healing arts (western or eastern methodologies) can be harmoniously paired as part of the healing process. I am able to share tools and subtle movements that can empower and assist an individual in recovery, as well as, increase mobility and minimize pain.

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